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Chaube Trust acquires a land of 5000 sq. mtrs in Vada


A press conference was held at Oberoi Sheraton, Mumbai

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We provide a safe, loving and learning environment for children.

We are professional, child focused and offer value for money.

We work in partnership with parents, so that you feel part of your child's daily activities and development .

• Our Faculties

Our faculty team works closely together and with parents' support to care for your child's individual needs. They are experienced, with a variety of skills and qualifications to meet the needs of the toddlers. Up to the age of two the ratio of staff to children is one to three after which it rises to one to four. Supported by a team of motivated and professional staff in a happy and stimulating environment, your child,at this stage of nursery care, will learn to:


• Socialise

• Share

• Concentrate

• Develop their manipulative skills

• Adapt happily to a daily routine Opportunities will also be given to encourage learning through imaginative play as well as time for children to develop listening skills. From the age of two upwards we help children to develop play as well as spending time on more vigorous activities inside and outdoors.


Areas of Learning


• At Nurserie our close observation of the children and accurate and individual record keeping helps us to monitor each child's progress and provide an appropriate programme of play and activities for your child's needs.

• We can then provide extra help for children who may need it, and provide new challenges for those who have already reached their goals.

• When a child starts at one of our nurserie, an assessment will be made within the first few weeks to ensure we are able to accurately measure the continuing development of your child



Donations For Us

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Together We Can, We Will Make A Difference

So LEND a helping hand to donate us and make this country feel proud.


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